Average Cost Per Watt
  • Los Angeles County - $4.44
  • San Diego County - $4.36
  • Orange County - $4.19
  • San Bernardino County - $4.29
  • Riverside County - $4.38

About Us

SolarRFP.com was created specifically for the property owner who is interested in acquiring solar for their home or business. Our approach is based on eliminating the inconveniences attached with selecting the right solar equipment and installer for you.

With the average solar PV system cost ranging from $20,000 to $40,000 to own, or, terms for 3rd party lease programs requiring agreements for 20+ years, it’s important to be diligent in doing research.

The traditional method of fielding phone calls from multiple competing installers and spending time on in home appointments can be time consuming and difficult to manage.

SolarRFP.com is designed to assist property owners from the initial stages of their search. From providing resources and information regarding equipment, installation services and subsidies, to connecting interested property owners with reputable installers through our platform

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